Online Booking At Denver’s Latest Music Rehearsal Space

A Detailed Guide

Techmology. What is that all about? Is it good or is it wack?

-Ali G


So here we are, open and ready for our big debut! The veil has been pulled away and The Music Range has arrived, ready to be tried and tested! If you’ve made it to this point you’ve likely gathered what we do: rent music rehearsal studios by the hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each studio features a full backline as detailed on the website and each is designed to provide a premium experience at an affordable price. But here’s the even greater goal of The Music Range: instant and easy access to studios! But anyone can say that, right? If I were you, I’d want to know how this whole thing works and, honestly, is it really a 24/7 facility? Read on brothers and sisters.

The Music Range is a fully automated facility designed to give our clients instant, easy access to our studios regardless of day, time, weather, holiday, etc. As long as the power grid is humming and the internet lights are flickering, you can book a room and gain access to The Music Range. How is this done? Easy. When you click “Book Now” on the website you are taken to our rehearsal room public calendar. If this ain’t your first rodeo and you already have a login account, simply sign in on this page and do your thing.  If this is your first time, you’ll “shop first” and setup your new account during checkout. Based on your budget and needs, you select a studio and time slot and reserve it by clicking “Book Now” on top of the calendar.  Next is payment and, boom, you’re scheduled! What comes next is very important. Immediately you will receive a booking confirmation email. This email will tell you all the details, but the most important is this: click the link provided to download the Kisi app to your phone or device. This is important because the Kisi app turns your phone/device into the key that opens the doors to The Music Range. There are Kisi readers at every door in The Music Range and during your scheduled time slot, when you hold your phone in front of the Kisi readers, the door automatically unlocks. But the Kisi app must be open on your phone/device! This is because your phone communicates with the reader via Bluetooth and the Kisi app. Remember, your phone will only open doors during your booking. Your phone will not unlock doors before or after your booking so be sure not to leave anything behind!

Let’s recap the steps:

  1. Click “Book Now”.
  2. Click “Book A Room” on sign-in page (just sign in if you’ve already been here).
  3. Click “Book Now” on top of calendar
  4. Select studio and fill in details for booking like start and end times
  5. Create free account
  6. Pay for booking
  7. Check email for Kisi link
  8. Download Kisi app
  9. Create Kisi account
  10. Turn Bluetooth “on”
  11. Go to The Music Range and play on!
  12. Be considerate and leave no trace.
  13. Come back again.

TIP:  Keep your login info for both the booking system and Kisi! This will be needed for any further studio bookings and will ultimately streamline the experience. So store it in your phone, put it in your brain, record it on paper, or tattoo it to your forehead! It will come in handy and be necessary for rounds 2, 3, 4, etc.

So, how about it? Come join The Music Range community!