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…[H]e’s personal, yet flashy, and he can do a lot of different stuff. He’s versatile…there are four versions of Larry Nix…


It’s a cold Wednesday when we meet with Larry Nix and the Killer Gents – Denver’s resident modern country band – and it didn’t take long for things to heat up at The Music Range thanks to Larry’s warm buttery vocals. Known for his sense of style and his deep soulful voice, Larry is a quiet man who surrounds himself with an enigmatic band who fit together like a rhinestone rodeo glove. Larry’s newest song embodies country music’s traditional style with old school pop country chord progressions and a sprinkling of soulful choirs filling in epic choruses. It allows for a beautifully constructed, yet simple conversation about life and looking for love. “Broadway Cowboy” sounds like a tribute to the heartfelt country crooners of the 90’s that Larry himself admires. Prepping for a busy winter full of live music, the boys stopped by to rehearse at The Music Range and gave us a few moments of their time to discuss the 4 important questions we ask all the bands we interview, along with information on how to hear and see more from Larry Nix and the Killer Gents. 


Larry Nix & The Killer Gents, Denver’s own country and western hitters.


TMR: If your band could be summed up by a superhero, which one would it be and why?

LN&KG: “We’d have to say Ironman – he’s personal, yet flashy, and he can do a lot of different stuff. He’s versatile and there are four versions of Larry Nix and four version of Iron Man.”


Larry Nix & The Killer Gents are true pros, maintaining a regular rehearsal schedule.


TMR: What was your favorite show you ever played?

LN&KG: “Recently a sold out show at the Larimer Lounge with Shovelin Stone and Randall Conrad Olinger (RCO). It was a really great night, it was Jonah’s birthday show and even Larry danced!”


Larry Nix injects new life into a familiar sound.


TMR: What is your dream lineup to play with (Dead or Alive) + One local band



TMR: What do you like about The Music Range so far?

LN&KG: “The top notch gear, the space is pristine and accessible. The equipment is fantastic and there is heat! Centrally located but not too far, and it feels really private when you’re not sharing the building with a strip mall.” 


Studio 3 at The Music Range easily accommodates Larry Nix & The Killer Gents, a country & western quartet from Denver.


Upcoming Shows 

Dec 5th – Repeal Day Release Party w/ David Lawrence @ Ophelias Electric Soapbox

Dec 12th – Soiled Dove Underground



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