TMR Loves Local Music: Both Ends Burning melts genre expectations, and focuses on the groove.

…we are able to rejuvenate and bounce back quickly with new stuff and still have fun while working hard.

Local Denver Bands – An Interview With Both Ends Burning

In our quest to discover more local music here at The Music Range, we met with 5 piece powerhouse Both Ends Burning to discuss what it’s like to hustle non-stop in the city, while chasing your dream. Originally formed in Denver, this band’s major plan is to make sure you have an amazing time at one of their shows. With the ability to jam for 4 hours or to knock out a shorter set, this band is highly bookable for their versatility. With influences ranging from reggae to rock and bluegrass, this eclectic mix of musicians are bound to play a groove you’ll like. With the band working, going to school and rehearsing as much as possible, they embody the name they choose to represent the group. Below are the same whimsical 4 questions we ask every band, including upcoming shows and links to music and socials!

Both Ends Burning formed from an eclectic mix, bringing inspired rhythms and funky grooves.


If your band could be summed up by a superhero, which one would it be and why?

“Joker but not like the evil joker. The joker who liked to have fun but could be serious at the same time. Deadpool works too, we are able to rejuvenate and bounce back quickly with new stuff and still have fun while working hard.”


What was your favorite show you ever played and why?

“This past Halloween show that lasted 4 hours. The atmosphere was incredible, plus Halloween always has a built-in crowd that is ready to have a great time. We did 4 sets with short breaks and really found our groove after playing that long. We are happy to play any length of set but that one was fun because we were able to build it up all night.”


What is your dream lineup to play with (Dead or Alive) + One Local Band

Both Ends Burning Mega Festival Lineup

  • Bob Marley
  • Pink Floyd 
  • Phish
  • Beatles 
  • Greensky Bluegrass



What is your favorite thing about The Music Range so far? 

“We love that we can just park by the door and walk right in, there is a parking nightmare at other spaces and we like that we can load in easily. The equipment is awesome, Fender amps in all the rooms are our favorite! It’s a clean rehearsal space with a chic yet welcoming vibe. Most importantly we love the supportive atmosphere, we can tell that this space is trying to be bigger than just a business and wants to truly support the scene.”


With an expanded percussion section, Both Ends Burning offers a rhythmic layering not readily found in local music scenes.



Facebook: @bothendsburningmusic



11/16 – Live! At Eastfax Tap, Denver

Feb 2020 – Both Ends Burning plays Florida! 🌴


Both Ends Burning rehearsing on a weeknight at The Music Range.
Both Ends Burning working on one of their hypnotic jams at The Music Range.