Denver’s Local Hip Hop Connection : 2mx2

We brought it all together to make a Voltron with 2mx2.


What does music mean to you? To 2mx2 it means community.

Community spark plugs 2mx2 are more than just a band, they are a movement. Embodying what it means to step up and give back, 2mx2 works closely with Vocal Coalition – a non-profit determined to find impactful ways to bring people together with music. Aside from helping create a revival for social change through music, 2mx2 is leading the pack for Latin Urban Pop music and set a (metaphorical) fire to Studio 7 during their video shoot. We quickly realized the one thing you won’t be able to do when 2mx2 is playing is sit still. Their super-charged grooves and beats layered with rich vocals and powerful lyricists allow for an ensemble dynamic that bridges cultures and genres. Band member Owen (O1) Trujillo said he and this current formation of 2mx2 have been recording and producing songs for over a year. Trujillo said it seems his team is like The Avengers, strong solo acts comprised of members from popular bands Los Mocochetes, Flobots and Kid Astronaut. This band is brewing up something that will no doubt keep you entertained, but also keep you thinking about what it means to bring people together through song. We asked 2mx2 the same 4 questions we ask all the bands, here’s what they had to say.

2mx2 pausing from a rehearsal and video shoot to pose in Studio 7 at The Music Range.

TMR: If your band could be summed up by a superhero, which one would it be and why?

2mx2: “The Avengers. Strong super heros from our own universe and for the bigger villains we come together as a dream team of super hero’s to save the world.” 

“We brought it all together to make a Voltron with 2mx2.”

2mx2 took advantage of the size and setting of Studio 7 to do a video shoot at The Music Range.

TMR: Favorite show you ever played and why?

2mx2: “We haven’t had our favorite show yet, it’s about to drop!”

With an infectious upbeat rhythm, 2mx2 will get you moving in no time.

TMR: What’s your dream lineup for a show? 

  • Residente
  • J Balvin 
  • Daddy Yankee
  • Kid Astronaut – local
  • Flobots – local
2mx2 has the songs, the moves and the positive vibration certain to clear a path towards success.

TMR: What do you like about The Music Range? 

2mx2: “We love the nice gear and load in is super easy. There are affordable rates and everything was provided. It’s comfortable and every detail is thought about.”

2mx2 rehearsal at The Music Range in Studio 7, where bands enjoy a private entrance and even the space to film.


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