Kisi Instructions

To gain access to your studio, you will need the Kisi app. Kisi is the cool automated door access system that turns your phone into the “key” to get inside. First time users must create a Kisi account by going here: You must use the same exact email address to create your Kisi account as you used when making your booking. This is how the booking software connects your booking to the Kisi system. In creating your Kisi account, Kisi will send an email with a link to confirm your email address. Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not see this email in your inbox soon after creating your account.

Please follow the Kisi app download links below:
Kisi on the Apple App Store (iOS)
Kisi on Google Play (Android)

Logging into Kisi: 

  1. Once the Kisi app is open, simply enter your login email where prompted and select “Continue”.
  2. Then a window will pop up saying “Sign-in link sent”.
  3. Now open your email inbox and within a few seconds you will receive a sign-in email from Kisi.
  4. Open the Kisi email and tap the link “The Music Range”.
  5. Your sign-in is now complete. Simply tap through the various welcome items to complete the process.

Note: The Music Range will not be added to your Kisi “shared places” until you are granted access at the time of your scheduled booking. Outside of your scheduled booking, your Kisi app will display “You have no shared places” when logged in. This is perfectly normal.